Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Cleaning My Home

This week is full of NEW routines.

Monday started off my new cleaning schedule routine. Since I’ve become a mom, I’ve noticed that cleaning my home has gotten harder and harder to do with a little one around. I mean there are just so many opportunities in a day when B only takes 2 naps a day now; one in the morning (45 minutes) and one in the afternoon (2-2.5 hours).

Before this week, I’ve used the morning nap to get ready for the day, do my devotion, pick up the house, empty the dishwasher, clean bottles, gather my grocery list or complete other projects around the house. During B's afternoon nap, I ALWAYS work.

I have a GREAT job! I'm so blessed to work 12 hours a week for Beltway Park Baptist Church. 6 hours from home and 6 hours on Friday mornings at Beltway. Because I work from home, it is just easier to set aside an hour and a half every afternoon to sit quietly, without my 11 month old distraction, and focus on writing curriculum, gathering crafts, and managing accounts for Kids’ Club and The Summer Club; departments of Beltway's children’s ministry. I LOVE my job. It gives me flexibility and allows me to be creative. 

Once B is up from her afternoon nap, we go pick up my little sister, Julianne, and her friend Maggie from school everyday. I take Maggie to her house and then B and I hang out with Julianne at my parent’s house until one of them gets off of work (usually around 5:30). It's so fun hanging out with her! Can you see how my day becomes so short so fast? And cleaning just doesn’t make the cut.

Sure, I maintain my home. But there is something to be said for really cleaning: dusting, mopping, sanitizing etc. However, I don’t like the thought of giving an ENTIRE day per week, to clean. Yuck. Nor did I want to clean on the weekend when my husband is off from work. We want to play and relax on the weekends, not work more. Instead I ran across this blog, Organizing Made Fun, which outlines how you can clean your home in 15-20 minutes per day (with the exception of the first day; floors just take longer). Check it out here.

So I looked over her list but decided to make my own. Here it is:

Mondays: Vacuum/sweep house thoroughly and mop. Occasionally do vents, curtains and window crevices (Total time: 25-30 minutes)

Tuesdays: Dust house, blinds and baseboards (Total time: 15-20 minutes) Occasionally wipe down nice furniture with polish and dust fans.

Wednesdays: Clean hall bathroom, including toilet, counter, mirror and shower. (Total time: 15-20 minutes)

Thursdays: Clean master bathroom including toilet, counter, mirror and tub. (Total time: 15-20 minutes)

Fridays: Clean kitchen, appliances, sink and countertops. Wipe down cabinets if needed.  Occasionally bleach B’s toys. (Total time: 15-20 minutes)

Weekends: Laundry, other small projects or nothing at all!

Maintain house daily by picking up things and immediately putting items away or in a basket to take to other rooms. Throw junk mail away immediately and sort out incoming mail for Geoff.

So far, this new routine has worked for me. I clean every morning after B eats breakfast. So what does B do when mama’s cleaning? She has independent playtime. Which works perfectly because she always has independent playtime before her morning nap.

Like I said, I just started yesterday (Monday) so the cleaning is taking a little longer right now. Mainly because I haven’t cleaned cleaned my house in a couple of weeks. But the idea of this routine is to maintain a clean home. So, hopefully, because I cleaned my floors yesterday it wont’ take as long next Monday to sweep, mop and vacuum my entire house.

Today was my dusting day. It also took longer because I went ahead and dusted blinds, baseboards and used furniture polish on a few pieces. I look forward to timing myself next week, once I have cleaned this week. Hopefully it will take less time than it has this week.

I still use B's morning nap to get things done. But I am much better and managing things now.  I get ready when B is up. She hangs out with me in the bathroom and plays in her corner where I have placed a small container of toys. I empty the dishwasher, clean bottles etc when she is eating a snack or finger foods in her high chair. The house gets one last GOOD pick up before Geoff and I go to bed. And when I have a spare moment to compile the grocery list or do other small projects, I take advantage of it. The key is just using my time more efficiently SO THAT I can read, blog or even watch TV while B is napping in the morning. YAY! ME time. 

One last thing about cleaning; I do LOVE the smell of cleaning products. And with this routine, I get that fresh, ‘clean’ smell everyday. Pine Sol on Mondays. Pledge on Tuesdays. Scrubbing Bubbles and glass cleaner on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Then on Fridays, it’s the smell of Clorox Wipes and bleach baby. Oh. Yeah!

Happy Cleaning!!!

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