Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I said this the last time I posted anything, a lot sure has changed!! AND, it's been waaaaay too long since I blogged last! But, many things have indeed changed and it truly has been a long time since I posted anything.

It's January and I am 25, almost 26 weeks pregnant with a baby girl; Berkley! She is due April 23, right before Easter (which is really late this year). So far, pregnancy has been great! (She agrees I guess; she's moving around a lot right now). I just had a doctor's appointment two days ago and my Dr. said I am measuring perfectly; 25 cm. I've gained 10 pounds so far and I'm feeling good. We have another appointment in 3 weeks and then after that she wants to see me every two weeks until week 35 or 36 when she wants to see me every week I think. I can't believe how close we are getting to Berkley actually being here! On February 3, we have a 4D ultrasound scheduled at Stork Vision. I had no idea what 4D meant, I had to ask. Basically instead of still pictures at this ultrasound they will shoot live video of the sonogram and we will actually get to see Berkley move in real time. So if she is sucking her thumb or moving her fingers we will actually get to see her do those things as she is doing them! So many times I have thought how much I am looking forward to meeting her! Come February 3, we will at least know what her beautiful little face will look like!

These past few months have been crazy. Geoff and I have been preparing for this little one by a small remodeling project. I said small, but it took us two months of working on it many week nights and many Saturdays. But with a lot of help from my dad, we are finally finished! We honestly couldn't have done any of it without him! He was the master mind! I will post pics of the remodel later. Now, all we have left to do are the small projects. Painting Berkley's room is at the top of the list and getting her furniture delivered. We purchased her furniture in October I think, but we wanted to wait to have it delivered and assembled until after the room was painted. Hopefully we will paint soon. Not this weekend though. Our renters just moved out of our apartment and a new renter is moving in this Saturday, so Geoff and I will be busy getting the apt. cleaned and ready for the new renter.

I have some projects I'm working on as well. We found an old armoire at Junk Warehouse that is currently pink, that we want to sand, repaint and repurpose to use as extra storage in our kitchen. But I can't sand anything with old paint on it while I'm pregnant, so Geoff has to sand it for me. Then, I have a small desk that was my grandmothers that I currently use as a nightstand. It also needs to be sanded and repainted. But it probably won't get done until spring break. And I know there are many other little things I need or want to do before Berkley arrives, but I'm not too concerned if they do not get accomplished. Which admitting that is a huge thing for me, because I am a planner, perfectionist and all around "can't ever sit down" kind of gal because there's always stuff that needs to be done.

And now it is time to stop, because its getting late and I absolutely need my beauty sleep or I will be cranky and irritable tomorrow = )