Monday, June 14, 2010

It's 7...only 7 on Monday night. Today felt like two days...oh it's only Monday; but it was a good day. The Summer Club has been going great...still trying to iron out some details and kinks; but we are getting there.

I have to say that we have an incredible staff! So blessed to work along side of each of them! They are so creative, talented, the kids LOVE them all, and they make the club so much fun for our kids! Today, we did a huge scavenger hunt, arts and crafts, side walk chalk, sports, went to the park and played lots of games. Later this week, we are going to the pool, the big kids are going on a nature hike, The Skating Place, and we are headed toward the downtown public library to see a play! So much fun!!! And next week, is SURVIVOR week...mud pits, obstacle course, water day with a GIANT slip N' slide, and kiddie pools filled with all sorts of nastiness. Haha, it should be fun!

Well, tomorrow will come early, so I need to get some will be another slightly longer day...but well worth it!