Thursday, January 14, 2010

Well, I've been wanting to start a blog now for quite some time and I've finally done it. Well partially. I mean this is my first post; does it really count? Maybe not. But here it goes...

Blogging is part of my "new year's resolution" or at least a version of what we know of as a new year's resolution. The idea definitely didn't originate from the light bulb idea that is a "new year's resolution" that lasts all of about one week for most Americans; so sad. Side note: Where is the self-discipline in this country? No, instead I consider blogging a creative outlet. I love to write. I haven't really written for the fun of it since high school. Yea, in college I had to. I mean, it was paper after paper after paper...but this is for me. My thoughts, memories, ideas and dreams I'd like to share with anyone who may read my blogs.

So here I am.

I've noticed that some people blog about cooking (I'm pretty clutzy in the kitchen, although I love to cook), some blog about their kids (don't have any, but I have a dog), politics (I don't keep up with it enough to really have a strong enough opinion, like my husband does; sad but true), sports (...please, ask anyone...I'm still trying to figure out the rules of football...I don't understand it, but I am getting better; thank you Geoffrey and Kimberly) and the list goes on. I have yet to really figure out what exactly I will be writing about. So this may just a be compilation of a various topics.

Today I want to talk about color. What is my favorite color?

I love color! If you were to ask me my favorite color right now it would be green, not hunter green or lime green, but Philpott florist green. If you are wondering what color that is, drive down North 1st street in Abilene. As you drive toward downtown Abilene, on the left you will notice a lovely greenish building. I used to work there in high school; Philpott Florist. I loved that job for the whole three and a half weeks I worked there. (They only needed me for Mother's Day.) Anyways, it was one of those childhood aspirations I had when I was a little girl. I wanted to grow up and be a florist. My grandmother used to keep me and my little sister at her house after school and during the summer. I used to pretend to play "florist" with all her fake floral arrangements. I would take them apart, all over her house, and make new arrangements to sell in my make-believe floral shop. Maybe that's why I love so many colors. I have never seen a flower I did not think was beautiful. And I have never come across a flower color that I didn't love. Back to the subject, however; what is my favorite color? I don't know. Because if Philpott green was my favorite color today and you asked me the same question tomorrow, I may say Pottery Barn blue or Christmas red, the color of ivory pearls or that pretty lavender we see at Target once Easter rolls around. But honestly, I don't think I actually have one favorite color. I like them all.


  1. Welcome to blogging! I get on color kicks so I completely understand. The color for now is GRAY. Nice pewtery gray.