Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Call-Houston, Texas

Yesterday was great! Geoff and I along with a few other friends participated in a march and prayer stand in Houston. I was pretty impressed with the amount of people that came out to attend; families with their children, dads in suits who had taken a lunch break to participate, college students, elderly couples and youth groups. A variety of people came together for the same purpose: to pray for our nation and the city of Houston. You see, there is a massive 78,000 square foot abortion clinic being built, the second largest clinic in the world and THE largest in the U.S. in Houston, Tx. They are calling it "The Abortion Super Center."

Geoff and I joined the march Monday morning as thousands gathered for outdoor worship at the Catholic Charismatic Center. Gathering there, at a Catholic Charismatic church was interesting enough in and of itself. But even more interesting and wonderful was the fact that so many had come to march, too many in fact (a good problem to have) that the leaders of the march had to reorganize the whole event to accommodate the mass amount of people. So, rather than all of us marching to the same place, several marches, or mini marches, were arranged to head out and pray silently over neighborhoods around the clinic. The first group comprised of Hispanics and African Americans from that area in Houston who walked towards neighborhoods consisting of primarily Hispanics and African Americans; which I thought that was pretty neat, for them to have the opportunity to pray for their own neighborhoods.

More and more groups were sent out to various neighborhoods, but the group Geoff and I were in headed towards a high school. We walked through the neighborhoods surrounding the high school, but we also walked around the perimeter of the school's campus. You could see the Abortion Super Center from where we were. So, we paused for 15 minutes and just prayed for the center and those who are and who may someday be involved with it. We prayed for the neighbors, for mothers and fathers-to-be who may look toward abortion to resolve their unexpected and unplanned pregnancies. But we also prayed for those without a voice; the unborn children. We prayed for an increase in the number of families willing and interested in adopting the unwanted children in our nation and for more families who could become foster parents. We asked God to open the eyes of those seeking abortion as the only answer and we boldly pleaded before the Father to turn that abortion clinic into an adoption agency!!!

Due to the amount of people who came to participate, our group was unable to see the nationwide press conference Lou Engle spoke at, on site, at the Abortion Super Center. But we prayed for those at the press conference as well; that simple words of TRUTH would pierce the hearts of anyone who would listen.

It was a pretty incredible journey. I am so glad that we attended. A little bummed that we didn't get to see the press-conference live. But, after it was all said and done, our group decided to hop in the car and head towards the Abortion Super Center, just so we could see if for ourselves. All I can say is as we drove closer, the heaviness and sadness was greater than it was earlier that morning.

If you are interested in more info, go to www.thecall.com and click on Houston. Or, go on youtube and look up bound4life.

Please be in prayer for the city of Houston.

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