Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Summer, To Do List

I love the summer, but I don't like the burn...the giant sunburn (that is) that I got yesterday while laying out lazily on a floatie in my parent's pool. It was such a hot day yesterday, but I was allowed reprieve from the heat by root beer and cool water. However, after being outside all afternoon, the tops of my thighs, the top of my right foot, and my shoulder blades are bright red
(the places I missed while applying sunscreen). Lesson learned; apply sunscreen AGAIN! haha

I started back to work last week. It has been nice, but different. I can feel more and more of my energy coming back, which is great! There are so many things to do on my TO DO list! This week is my first week to work from home. I LOVE IT! I can stop what I am doing to tend to B and pick back up where I left off at any time! I am so thankful for a job that allows me that much flexibility. I only go into the office once a week, on Friday mornings when Geoffrey has off and can watch B. He loves daddy daughter time!

Earlier I mentioned I have a TO DO list! For anyone that reads this post, you are my witness. Here is what I WILL accomplish before Christmas (I would say before summer ends, but I know myself...I need more time):

1. Learn how to sew...better than I do now
2. Sew baby gifts for friends
3. Refinish two armours (thrifty garage sale finds)
4. Refinish my grandmother's desk
5. Plant flowers
6. Pull weeds and trim landscaping
7. Repaint hall bathroom
8. DIY Christmas gifts for extended family members

Most likely, this list will have more projects added later. But that's all for now...whew...

don't. get. overwhelmed. sarah.

I can do this! Multitasking is my thing...the new thing is being a mom! Which ALWAYS comes first!!!

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