Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spring Forward

I love when seasons change, but sometimes it stinks that we see so much of the winter and summer around here. I wish the spring and fall would come and stick around a while longer than what we are used to. Still, as much as Texas weather bothers me, I love it here because we usually see nice, warm days a lot sooner than many other places.

I don't know what it is, but I'm always ready for "spring" in January. My husband would disagree with me. He loves the winter and hopes it lasts as long as possible. But for me, it just want to know why it couldn't bite the dust sooner? I mean really...there is just something about winter hanging on after all the Christmas and New Year's celebrations that make me wait impatiently for February 2, when all eyes are on a tiny hole in the ground. Will Mr. Groundhog emerge from his underground home to take a stroll around the block as if to tell America "Oh yea, winter is almost over!"??? Unfortunately, not this year; that chicken came up for a quick photo op and then decided to retreat back into his burrow. Oh stink, 6 more weeks of winter. Why we look to a groundhog to forecast our non predictable Texas weather, I don't know. Either way I definitely look forward to the day I at least get more sunlight in the evenings.

And so, last night I excitedly set all our clocks ahead one hour (except for the clock on our coffee maker, I can't quite figure that one out)...Anyway, you may ask why there's so much excitement over one extra hour of daylight. Well, I feel I have more energy in the evenings when the sun is still out and I accomplish more too! Well, at least that's what I tell myself. We'll see how much more I actually do get done as opposed to nights where the sun goes down around 6ish. But really, it all goes back to spring...its just around the corner. Hopefully it will last a little while longer than normal.

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  1. "that chicken came up for a quick photo op and then decided to retreat back into his burrow"

    That is just plain blogging genius...(I may have just spell checked genius too...)

    You are correct, I could not disagree with this blog any more. I love winter. I wish it would stay. I wish I was sitting here on the couch in a coat. I wish I could see my breath while I am sitting inside....However, life is always better when the wife is happy, so I guess this whole Spring thing is allright.

    Great blog babe